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England has entered a second lockdown. This runs from Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December.

Lockdown 2
England has entered a lockdown similar but not identical to the last one in March. It is in place from Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December 2020.

Your Housing Group and fix360 is continuing to operate as normal, but please be patient if you are trying to get in touch as we are busier than usual. You can Contact Us here too. Please choose General Enquiry if you are struggling to access essentials such as food and medication, and have no other support available to you. 

Click here for complete Government guidance.

You can now:
1. Mix ONLY with your household (and support bubble) inside or in a private garden
2. Socialise with your household (and support bubble) OR one other person, outdoors in a public place for exercise, walks etc. (Children under 5, as well as disabled people dependent on round-the-clock care are not counted towards the limit on two people meeting outside)
3. Leave home to work, for school, or to provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot do this from home
4. Leave home to buy essential items such as food and medicine, or to collect any items - including food or drink

What is a Support Bubble?
A support bubble is where a household with one adult joins with another household. Households in that support bubble can still visit each other, stay overnight in each other’s households, and visit outdoor public places together.

Businesses allowed to stay open include:

  • Essential retail such as food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres, hardware stores, building merchants and off-licences
  • Petrol Stations, car repair and MOT services, bicycle shops, and taxi and vehicle hire businesses
  • Banks, building societies, post offices, loan providers and money transfer businesses
  • Funeral directors
  • Launderettes and dry cleaners
  • Medical and dental services
  • Vets and pet shops
  • Agricultural supplies shops
  • Storage and distribution facilities
  • Car parks, public toilets and motorway service areas.
  • Outdoor playgrounds