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Cold weather tips

Top tips on how to protect your home for winter.

  • Keep an eye out for severe weather warnings that could affect your neighbourhood. See the Met Office live weather warnings for up to date information.
  • Check if your home is at risk of flooding and what you can do to prepare for a flood.
  • Insulating your water pipes will protect them from freezing, bursting and flooding your home. Take a look at Water UK's advice on how to keep your pipes frost free.
  • Keep warm and well - your living room or where you sit should be 21 degrees and your bedroom or where you sleep should be 18 degrees. It’s a good idea to heat your home for one hour every day, even when you’re away. It helps keep things running smoothly.
  • It’s important to keep your eye on your boiler pressure. The pressure gauge on the front of your boiler or underneath, it should be about one bar.
  • In very bad conditions, avoid driving completely, unless you absolutely have to make the journey.