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Complaints and feedback

Feedback in the form of complaints or compliments is very important to us, as it helps us to improve the services we give to customers.

If we still fail to meet your expectations, please tell us. You have the right to make a complaint - don’t linger though! If you complain about an incident that occurred more than six months ago, we may not be able to investigate this matter through our complaints procedure.

To make a complaint please fill in our online form and find below more information on our complaints process.


Simply, anyone who is affected by our services. If you ask someone to make a complaint on your behalf, we will ask you to formally authorise it for the security of your personal information.


Stage 0 – 10 Working Days
We will always try to resolve your complaint immediately. Your complaint will be investigated and the Complaints Team will keep track of the progress. We will always communicate with you about your complaint and let you know the results of the investigation. We aim to do this within ten working days.

Stage 1 – 15 Working Days
If you are not satisfied with our response, you can ask for your complaint to be reviewed. You should do this within 10 working days of the date of the stage 0 result. A Team Leader/ Manager will review your complaint, discuss the complaint with you and aim to provide you with a formal response within 15 working days.

Stage 2 – 20 Working Days
If you feel the problem is still not resolved you can ask for a further review but you must do this within 10 working days of the stage 1 response. This will be reviewed by a Senior Manager who was not involved in the original complaint and can be from any part of the business. This stage of the complaint is allowed a longer time to ensure that all information is considered carefully as this is the last stage of the YHG internal complaints process. We aim to provide you with a formal response within 20 working days.

What can you do next?

The next step for our customers is to contact an MP or Local Councillor- these are two types of designated person. Designated persons are there to help to resolve disputes between customers and their landlords. Customers can do this in whatever way they think is most likely to work. If the designated person cannot help they can refer a complaint to the Ombudsman. Complaints to the Ombudsman do not have to be referred by a designated person, but if they are not there must be at least 8 weeks from the end of the landlord's complaint process before the Ombudsman can consider the case.

The designated person may:

  • Help resolve the complaint directly
  • Refer the complaint to the Housing Ombudsman
  • Decline to do either - the person complaining may then approach the Ombudsman
Our commitment to you

When you complain, we promise to:

  • Take your complaint seriously
  • Aim to put things right there and then
  • Be polite, helpful and professional
  • Give explanations that are clear and easy to understand
  • Apologise when we get things wrong
  • Get your opinion on how your complaint was handled through our satisfaction survey
  • Use the lessons learned from complaints to improve our service.