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Working better

We’ve been listening to your comments, compliments and complaints over the last 18 months, and we know we need to improve in some areas. We’re committed to Working Better. Wherever you see the words Working Better, we’ll be updating you on what we’re doing to provide a better experience for you.

Here’s a short summary of what you’re saying, and what we’re doing. Use the links on this page to find out more.

You say: We want better communication and more information.

What we’re doing about it: We haven’t engaged with you as much as we should have. You want an honest conversation with us. Well, that’s going to happen. You may have received a newsletter from us recently. If you haven’t you can download it here. Your News will be just one of many ways you can engage with us. You can also talk to us via Facebook, Twitter, via webchat on our website, as well as by phone and email. Based on what you say, we’ll respond, with words and actions.

You say: We have to chase enquiries and appointments, repeat requests and there’s a lack of follow-up after we’ve contacted you.

What we’re doing about it: We admit our new business Fix360 has experienced issues and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working hard to improve them. Also, there are now more ways to contact us – please use them – but if you still have issues, tell us.

You say: Our biggest worries are around paying rent and tenancy terms.

What we’re doing about it: We’ve simplified our tenancy agreement so that we can offer a better service for all. We’ve also invested in our Money Advice team to help you manage your rent and provide support around Universal Credit.

You say: We want you to fix and improve things, such as kitchens, bathroom, and better look after outside areas.

What we’re doing about it: We’re investing at least £54m in improving homes, with a focus on kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems. Read more about our improvement programme here. We’ve agreed new standards for planned home and grounds maintenance, replacement fittings and repairs. And finally, Fix 360 is getting better!

We’ve made a lot of changes to make things better.