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About your tenancy

We have a number of different tenancy types depending upon your circumstances. Your tenancy type will determine how your rent is calculated and when it is reviewed.

Our most common types of tenancy include the ones listed below:

  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy – This is the main type of tenancy used for new tenants. This contract is initially for a year and providing there are no significant breaches of tenancy we convert this to a full assured tenancy. Your rent will be set at the start of the tenancy and reviewed at the end of the year.
  • Assured Tenancy – This is the most common type of tenancy we provide. The rent for your home will be set at the start of your tenancy and will be reviewed once a year. The date of your rent review is detailed in your Tenancy Agreement alongside details of how your rent will increase. We must abide by your Tenancy Agreement and the rules set down by the Government which state that no rent will increase by more than the previous Septembers Retail Price Index plus ½ % plus £2 per week.
  • Secure Tenancy – For secure tenancies your rent is set by the Valuation Office Agency and lasts for 2 years. Sometimes we choose not to apply the full increase in the first year and we phase the increase in over 2 years. We must follow the same Government rules (shown above) as for assured tenancy rent reviews.