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Anfield Village

£2million investment in Anfield Village Outdoor Spaces Completed

£2million investment in Anfield Village Outdoor Spaces Complete

Brian Cronin was joined yesterday by Mayor Joe Anderson, Lena Simic, Labour Councillor for the Anfield Ward, Penny Lane Builders and the Anfield Alley Angels to mark the completion of the second phase of a £2million investment in environmental enhancement of the Anfield Village area. 

The improvement works included planting trees on Blessington Road, improvement to pedestrian areas, private side gardens and new secure compounds for communal waste bins, providing further facilities to those delivered in the Phase 1 area in Burnand Street. 

YHG completed this £2million investment in partnership with Liverpool City Council and local builders Penny Lane Builders. The scheme was managed by our Development and Regeneration Team.

Mayor Joe Anderson said: “The Anfield community has made huge strides over the past decade - with the stadium improvements, new housing and shops - and I am sure they’ll be delighted these environmental works are now completing.

“The eyes of the world are regularly on the action inside the stadium but the wider area is blossoming into an attractive community. It’s been a huge team effort, with everyone working together - be it the council, YHG and LFC to the Anfield Alley Angels. It’s great to see the community playing their part and showing the pride in Anfield is not just about the football.”

Brian Cronin said; “Your Housing Group has been part of the wider Anfield Regeneration Project for nearly 10 years. As well as improving housing, the additional investment in outdoor spaces creates communities that people are proud of. The changes in Anfield Village have been incredible, and the ongoing support from the community with groups like the Anfield Alley Angels are really bringing this community together.”