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Fire Safety - Information for Residents

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower last year housing providers across the UK have been reviewing their fire safety provision from top to bottom. Your Housing Group has too.

Working with our independent fire safety expert and the fire services in the area we operate, we have reinforced existing policies as well as assess buildings and fire safety equipment and procedures.

Our first task was to find out if we had any buildings with cladding materials of the same type involved in the Grenfell fire. While we do have a small number of properties with cladding materials in place, none are of the same type found on Grenfell.

We then looked to ensure all our blocks meet current fire safety requirements. You may have seen us inspecting fire doors but other checks have been made in roof spaces and service riser cupboards. It’s been painstaking but essential work.

We’ve also reinforced our approach towards the management of shared areas in multi-occupied buildings. This has been challenging and we’re really grateful for your understanding and support.

Elsewhere and on the advice of independent safety experts and current practice, some buildings have had the fire evacuation strategy changed in the best interests of your personal safety.

We’ve also been contacting customers to check they have fully operational smoke alarms fitted. Many battery-operated alarms have been upgraded to mains-operated with battery back-up for additional safety.

If you believe you haven’t got a smoke alarm fitted in your home, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fit one without charge.

Your Housing Group will continue to take fire safety seriously. We recognise that at times this may cause inconvenience – we apologise for this and will do what we can to minimise any impact. We do hope you continue to understand why we take the actions we do and we’ll always explain why such actions are being taken.

Should you have any concerns please speak to your Housing Manager or call Your Response on 0345 345 0272.