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Verve Place youngsters in mental health lesson world record

Most of us think of mental health therapy as private, one-to-one affairs. Not at Warrington Wolves recently, when five young people from Your Housing Group’s Warrington foyer helped break a world record for the biggest ever mental health lesson!

The five were part of the special event held at the Wolves’ Halliwell Jones Stadium where they heard talks from past and current rugby league players about their own experiences with mental health.

Led by Dr Phil Cooper MBE, a NWBH nurse consultant, 857 people turned out to beat the previous 688 record set in India earlier this year.

The event was organised by Warrington Wolves, North West Borough's Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, State of Mind and Offload to promote mental fitness and raise awareness of the support on offer to those in need.

Verve Place is one of four foyers owned by YHG, part of our network of 1,000 supported housing units. Supported housing is a combination of schemes and services that provide housing, support, encouragement, advice and learning to help people live and thrive as independently as possible in their community. Supported housing tackles and helps prevent societal issues such as homelessness, poverty, isolation, mental ill-health and the risk of abuse.

We employ approximately 120 staff across 12 supported housing and we are regulated by local authorities through the Supporting People Quality Assessment Framework and fall under the Ofsted regime

·       Pic (left to right): Sam Stewart, Joel Smith (Staff), Jason Hewitt, Charlotte Cosgrove, Kirsty Kavanagh and Leah Williamson, with Wolves mascot Wolfie.