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YHG calls for housing associations to play a bigger role in filling the affordable housing gap

Your Housing Group commissioned the 2019 ‘liveability’ index for England to drive the conservation and lead the debate on what’s perceived as a monopoly of housebuilders controlling the housing output. The results of the survey were published in The Observer on 21 July 2019.

Market Harborough in the East Midlands comes top in a league table, Chorley emerges as the easiest place for average earners to live in the north, but Manchester is one of the worst performers in England.

The index has been produced with analysis by a former Bank of England economist. It gives policymakers a clearer picture than ever of which areas of the country are more or less difficult in terms of affordable living, and thus where they might focus their priorities for the development of more affordable housing provision.

Your Housing Group CEO, Brian Cronin said:

"We commissioned this survey as we want to influence government policy. Government needs to release more funds to build more homes in the right areas. The big divide in living standards this report exposes is a direct result of the private sector's failure to build enough affordable homes in the right places and we are calling for a much bigger role for housing associations to fill the gap. What we need, though, is the ability to access private as well as public finance and we will be publishing new ideas for this later this summer."

You can read the full article here.