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Providing homes

Current statistics show the growing need to build new homes to address the ever growing housing shortage. The Group employs an innovative, commercial approach with its in-house design and development team providing creative, high quality solutions to home ownership and private rent.

We have a successful track record of delivering quality homes on time and under budget, the Group is not afraid to set challenging targets when it comes to house building. Our commitment is to build a minimum of 1,000 homes a year across the private rented, retirement living and affordable social housing sectors.

With an ability to offer an end to end build and development solution with our full in-house team which includes - land buyers, project management, design and technical, sales / letting and marketing.

Self build is an area of innovation for the Group, with the desire to bring all elements of house building and construction in-house. Through modular build and volumetric construction, the Group expects self building to increase profitability and return an improved internal rate of return (IRR), predominately building homes for private rent and retirement living.

Private Finance Initiatives (PFI)

We operate several PFI projects across the Group, each offering something different. Usually created in partnership with a group of other companies, PFI’s enable us to offer large scale projects over a longer period of time.