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Affordable & social housing

With a clear focus on housing investment and funding, we are committed to building and providing as many quality homes as possible to play our part in solving the national housing crisis.

With a successful track record of delivering quality homes on time and under budget, the Group is not afraid to set challenging targets when it comes to house building. Our commitment is to build a minimum of 1,000 homes a year, many of which will be affordable and social housing.

We have built a commanding and leading reputation for community regeneration, evidenced by the extensive work done in the Anfield area of Liverpool. We have invested more than £23m in delivering more than 200 new and refurbished homes in the area, with an with an additional £10m planned to be invested in the next 3 years.

Our Anfield project has shown how an area can be successfully regenerated, and in the future, we will look to replicate that impact with our identified priority regeneration neighbourhoods. As part of our new Customer First approach, we will continue to take a wholesale approach to regeneration by providing not just bricks and mortar, but also products and services that contribute to improving the sustainable performance of communities as a whole.