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Nuvu Living - Lifestyle living

The private rented sector (PRS) continues to grow within the UK and with home ownership falling to its lowest level for a quarter of a century, the number of people privately renting their homes has increased.

Nuvu Living

The Group sees this as an area of focus and recently launched Nuvu Living, a new, rental experience into the marketplace. Aiming to become the landlord of choice and continuing to expand across the UK following its launch in Warrington.

Hive PRS

Nuvu Living offers a unique property rental service enabling people who choose to live in a Nuvu Living home to experience a new standard of customer care through the use of 24/7 technology and round the clock support.

The Group recognises the importance and expertise needed to manage sustain a commercial brand, such as Nuvu Living. All of the expertise behind the brand is managed and implemented in-house, including marketing, PR, lettings management, repairs and maintenance and contract management.

For more information, visit the Nuvu Living website at www.nuvuliving.co.uk