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Estate Regeneration National Strategy

Estate regeneration can transform neighbourhoods by delivering high quality, well designed places, more homes and opportunities for residents. Estate regeneration can offer new opportunities for residents by connecting schemes with wider redevelopment initiatives and has the potential to deliver thousands of additional homes over the next 10 to 15 years.

Through a combination of practical advice and guidance, the Estate Regeneration National Strategy aims to support local partners to improve and accelerate estate regeneration schemes to deliver more and better quality housing, drive local growth and improve outcomes for residents.

The new national strategy was developed by an independent advisory panel, chaired by Lord Heseltine and the Housing and Planning Minister Gavin Barwell.

Lord Heseltine said: "The national strategy puts residents at the heart of reshaping their estates, working with local authorities and developers."

Gavin Barwell commented: "I’d urge communities keen to rejuvenate their places to join together, apply for funding and make use of the national strategy to drive forward their local-led proposals."


Sector showcase - regeneration

Regeneration is firmly back on the political agenda, with government intending to make £140 million of loan funding available to kick-start the transformation of 100 estates.

A CIH report containing a collection of case studies (including our Anfield regeneration project) has been published to show what effective regeneration can achieve and how it can be delivered.

The report highlights that schemes must be developed in the right way if they are to be successful and in particular if they are to benefit - rather than displace - existing communities. Housing organisations, working at a local level, will have a major role in ensuring this is the case.

Regeneration revival? Making housing-led regeneration work across England

Our Anfield regeneration project was used as a key case study in a report released by the Charted Institute of Housing in May 2016. The report, which calls for changes to be made in the way regeneration funding is provided, will be used to lobby central government and will be presented to Lord Michael Heseltine and his newly established regeneration panel.

CIH chief executive Terrie Alafat said: "Our research shows that housing-led regeneration provides a good return on investment and can both increase overall housing supply and improve the lives of local people. The evidence also shows that some grant funding will be needed to get schemes off the ground. It is vital that schemes are developed in the right way, in partnership with local communities to ensure that regeneration schemes have the support of local people."

Regeneration revival CIH report