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Community, Sustainability & Regeneration

Our Community Sustainability Regeneration Review summarises the calculations of social value and outlines how we've made significant impacts on the sustainability of our communities.

In order to calculate the social value of our projects, we worked with the Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT) to utilise the social value bank, the largest set of social values derived using a consistent methodology. These values quantify the impact on individual wellbeing of experiencing outcomes associated with housing provider community investment activities such as employment and training, health and financial inclusion.

The Group have been able to calculate social value for 154 projects from 2015 - 2016. In total, £25,936,018 of social value was generated.

Key outcomes

  • An investment of £501,628 into our employment and skills projects created a social value of £4,290,738 providing wellbeing outcomes for 981 people

  • We invested £88,836 in projects for young people across the Group, delivering wellbeing outcomes for 1440 young people and generating a social value of over £4,099,675

  • We invested £26,518 in social value projects for older people across the Group delivering wellbeing outcomes for 573 older people and generating a social value of over £1,923,570

Community sustainability regeneration Read our Community Sustainability Review for 2015/16