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Energy and water savings

Advice and guidance on how to reduce your energy and water bills through practical information, switching and support from your supplier.

Reduce Your Consumption 

There are many ways to reduce how much gas, electric and water we use. The Energy Saving Trust has a simple list of 'quick wins' to help you to be smarter about the energy you use.

Change Your Tariff

You may be on the wrong tariff and therefore paying too much for your utilities. First, contact your supplier to check what tarfiff you currently have and ask them about their options.

Next, check with other suppliers to see what they can offer.

Your Housing Group have a partnership with Citrus Energy who are a not-for-profit organisation that offer an energy switching service, helping you find the best deal on your gas and electricity.

Fit A Water Meter

If you are a single occupant in a 1 or 2 bed property then you may benefit from the installation of a water meter.

With a water meter, fixed bills become a thing of the past. Your charges are based on the water you use, so the more water you save, the more cash you save.

To check if you could save money on your water bill or if you want to know more about water meters, please visit United Utilities or you can apply for a water meter online.

With any kind of debt, if you fall behind on payments to any of your suppliers, please contact them as soon as possible. They will always be willing to help you and it will save the debt from spiralling out of control. For further information about debt please visit The National Debt Line.