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your voice - customer engagement

Our customer engagement platform is 'Your Voice’. It is primarily through ‘Your Voice’ , that we capture the voice of the customer, to enable us to better understand the customer experience.

We are re-engaging with our customers through a variety of means; from face to face meetings to digital forums, through social media, via newsletters and through satisfaction surveys. Our customers’ voices are helping us to shape our services!

If you are already part of a resident’s group or local forum– great! - this will continue. ‘Your Voice’ is designed in such a way as to complement the existing ways that many of our customers are already involved with us.

Our aim is to contact you throughout the year, to find out your views and experiences on a specific service area. For example, Repairs or Your Home HUB. We will of course provide you with more of the detail about what we need from you when the time comes.

We will ensure we always provide you with feedback on your views. Feedback will be provided in a variety of ways including our newsletter, website and social media.

Our new Customer Insight and Experience team will ensure this feedback happens and we look forward to your customer experience improving over the coming months.

‘Your Voice’ is open to any customers who want to provide us with their views. Please let us know how you want to get involved and we will make sure we come to you for your views.

Make sure you visit us again in the next few weeks, as we will be providing more in-depth updates on all our recent activities through Your Voice.

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