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Recruiting now!

If you're interested in a rewarding opportunity to help shape services for Your Housing Group's residents, and can commit to around two days a month, we would love to hear from you! Experience and understanding of our business and services and a customer service background is important, and being able to work as part of a team alongside our Board members is essential.

Information and how to apply

Before you apply, please read through our CSC Recruitment Booklet to understand what is expected of the role and additional information we will need. 

You will need to complete the application form below AND the Declaration of Interest form, if applicable to you. 

Read CSC Recruitment booklet here


Customer Services Committee application form

In order to comply with our recruitment formalities, we require all applicants to complete this application form.


The attributes required for this role are listed in the recruitment booklet. Please use the section below to provide information and detailed examples, wherever possible of how you consider you meet the requirements of the role.

Current employment

Please include details or your present or most recent employment.

Referee one

Please give details of your first reference.

Referee two

Please give details of your second reference.

Declarations of Interest

Your Housing Group wishes to conduct its business in line with high standards of probity and to ensure transparency in all of its dealings. In order to do so, we must be made aware of any existing relationships between our Directors, the Executive Leadership Team and functional Directors or their closely connected persons (please see definition below) with other employees, contractors, consultants and those organisations with which YHG has a close relationship.

Closely connected persons

A closely connected person includes family members and persons with whom you have or have had a close association. This has a wide meaning and includes persons who might reasonably be regarded as similar to family members even where there is no relationship by birth or in law. This includes: 

  • A partner (someone to whom you are married, a civil partner or someone with whom you live with in a similar capacity.
  • Parent or parent-in-law
  • Son, daughter, stepson, step-daughter, the child of a partner
  • Brother, sister, brother or sister of a partner
  • Grandparent, grandchild
  • Uncle, aunt, nephew, niece
  • Partners of any of the above
  • Any dependants
  •  Any person on whom you depend
  • Estranged, separated, divorced family members or those reasonably regarded as family members
  • Those with whom you have or have had a close association that is more than an acquaintance, e.g., friend, colleague, neighbour, business associate.
Connections with an organisation

You are connected with a company, partnership or other organisation with which YHG works or if you or a family member or close connection: 

  • Is employed by the organisation, either directly or as a sub-contractor or agent
  • Is a director, owner, Board member, trustee or has some controlling or financial interest in the organisation
  • Holds shares in or has some other financial stake or interest in the success of the organisation
  • If there is some other connection or link that a reasonable person could consider to create a conflict of interest

YHG requests that Board members, members of the Executive Leadership Team and its Functional Directors update this form at least annually, in order to establish whether or not any personal relationships exist which might preclude YHG from entering into a contract.  They are also asked to declare existing relationships with YHG employees or other Non-Executive Directors, to ensure that we have appropriate approvals in place is necessary.

Declaration of interest form