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Christmas repairs and emergencies: what you need to know

All emergency repair calls will be treated as emergencies and we will work to resolve them regardless of time or day.

To report an emergency repair please call Your Response on 0345 345 0272.

For all other non-urgent repairs please email repair@yourhousinggroup.co.uk  or call the Your Response contact centre on 0345 345 0272 during the following hours:

Sunday 24 December: 9am-2pm
Monday 25 December: Closed
Tuesday 26 December: 10am-2pm
Wednesday 27 December: 9am-5pm
Thursday 2 December: 9am-5pm
Friday 29 December: 9am-5pm
Saturday 30 December: 9am-5pm
Sunday 31 December: 9am-2pm
Monday 1 January 2018: 10am-2pm
Tuesday 2 January 2018: Normal operating hours resume (8am – 10pm Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm Sat & Sun)