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Awards & nominations

Best High Volume Housing Development - LABC Awards 2016

Greta Gardens - Winner

UCLAN Love Hate Rate Landlord of the Year Award 2016

Ribble Brook House - Winner

RICS Residential Awards 2016

Greta Gardens - Nomination

RICS Community Benefit Awards 2016

Smithy Croft - Nomination

Stockport Homes' Star Awards 2016

Offerton Community Kitchen - Winner

TPAS 2016 Central Young Tenant of the Year Award

Joe Bryne - Nomination

TPAS 2016 Central Equality and Diversity Award

Leek Town Ability Counts FC - Winner

TPAS 2016 Central Tenant of the Year Award

Kelvin Hurst - Winner

Live Wire Community Award

Barbara Brand - Winner

Aspire Apprentice Awards

Holly Gordon - Winner

TPAS North Excellence in Employment and Skills Award

Birchwood Work Club - Nomination

TPAS North Excellence in Digital Inclusion Award

Your Tung Sing Click and Connect Project - Nomination 

TPAS North Excellence in Community Action

Offerton Community Kitchen - Nomination 

EAC Housing for Older People Awards 2016

Smithy Croft - Housing with Care - Gold

Women in Housing Awards 2015

Louise Harris –  Exemplary Housing Professional - Finalist