Our resident, Cynthia who lives at Ryfields Retirement Village in Warrington recently fulfilled her life long dream to travel to Niagara Falls in North America. 

Cynthia has had a life long ambition to go to Niagara Falls and thanks to the support from her family, last month (April) she did just that!

She travelled approximately 6,828 miles (round trip) to make her dreams come true. 

Cynthia arrived back home safely and said ''I have always wanted to visit America or Canada and my family facilitated this for me! I had a list of things I wanted to do when I visited Canada. We flew to Dublin, then from Dublin to Canada, and on my list of things to do was visiting Niagara Falls! 
I wanted to go behind the fall, go on the boat and also have a swim (joking about the swim). When visiting the falls the water was gentle at times then quite fierce so we all got rather wet but it was everything I wanted it to be and more.
On my list was also a visit to Walmart which I thoroughly enjoyed and I was taken for a trip to the dollar store which was much posher than our pound shops and the isles were so wide. Everything is bigger in America! The trip was absolutely wonderful and I feel extremely lucky to have finally left Europe and to have such a lovely family who look after me.”

What a great achievement!