Grove Village residents now have a life-saving defibrillator on their doorstep. 

If a defibrillator is used on someone who suffers a cardiac arrest within one minute, survival rates are as high as 90%, so for the residents in Ardwick in Manchester, this is a fantastic addition to their community. 

Our Chair of the residents and tenants group at Grove Village, Jim successfully secured a £750 grant from the £1 million pound defibrillator fund to put towards the cost of buying one and having it fitted. 

The other half of the money came from the group and whilst we hope no one ever needs it, the peace of mind it brings is worth every penny.

The defibrillator is now in place outside of the Ida Kinsey Centre, 17 Guide Post Road, Manchester M13 9HP and is a fantastic new addition to the community for residents and members of the public.