We welcomed residents from our Over 55s' retirement living developments to our head office this week, so we could really hear what they had to say about what we do, and how we do it. 

We wanted to better understand what matters to them, and what they expect to see from our colleagues at our schemes, following a recent survey we carried out with them. 

Group of people looking at diagram image making decisions We asked:

- What duties do you think on-site colleagues should do?
- What do you currently use on-site colleagues for?
- What barriers do you believe prevents a good service from on-site colleagues?
- What other ways can meet your expectations?

We used a great tool called Ketso too throughout, which is a powerful engagement tool where participants write their ideas on specifically made 'leaves', before placing them on felt to create a cluster of ideas. 

Anita Hitchmough, one of our Over 55s Service Managers, said “It was really good to meet with residents today to explore further feedback following customer surveys. The next step is to develop the service for residents so we are so grateful to those who gave up their time to take part today.”