Today, Tuesday 12 September is End Digital Poverty Day.

Digital poverty is not having the ability to interact with the online world as finding phones, tablets and even computers difficult to use, or impossible.
The world we live in today, majority of tasks and communicating is done online therefore today's aim is to shed light on the urgent need to end Digital Poverty and ensure equal opportunities for all.

Members of our Community Investment Team and Older People Schemes have launched a project to deliver tablet and digital training to our Manchester City Centre residents, thanks to the funding we received from Manchester City Council.

Many of the buildings in Manchester city centre are home to Cantonese-speaking families, so the challenges are often greater for them as English is not their first language. 

Over the next 12 months we are holding fortnightly digital training sessions which those residents are able to sign up to. 
Every session held has a different objective giving our residents the chance to learn a variety of skills, such as:

📱 Understanding the basic functions of tablets
🔐Online safety and security
💬Social media and communicating online
💵Online banking and financial services
📜Online shopping

We look forward to holding further sessions giving our residents the chance to socialise and learn.