It's In Your Hands - our community funding - has proudly supported OUTSIDE, to bring an outdoor light show to Staffordshire.

OUTSIDE is a community arts project made up of organisations and residents from the county to improve cultural access, greater wellbeing and a connection to the environment across Moorlands.

They needed additional funding to bring the TREES light installation by Things That Go On Things to the communities of Leek and Biddulph - and it was something we were happy to support.

The idea behind the lights is to bring the countryside to the urban by using lights, film, animation and digital technology to highlight the story and importance of TREES.

The installation consists of six tree stumps, with magic peep holes that will show a Logara - a fungal protector of the tree. At dusk, the stumps glow and communicate via light, culminating in a large-scale projection of forests and their canopies on the buildings surrounding the installation.

If you're a community group and want to look into funding, please don't hesitate to visit It's In Your Hands for more information.