Antisocial behaviour (ASB) can have a serious impact on people and communities, and as a landlord we work hard to combat ASB and minimising the impact on residents.
Our dedicated team is continually working with residents and communities to proactively tackle ASB.

Over the past 12 months we increased our ASB Team. We have also introduced our new ASB and Hate Crime Policy/Procedure and Service Standard, and a new first point of contact triage process.

The impact of these measures can be seen in recent customer satisfaction scores, which have increased by 30% in relation to ASB cases. Confidence in reporting ASB has risen by 28%, while satisfaction with the speed at which incidents are dealt with has increased by 24%.

We continually strive to improve our ASB service for our customers and communities, and this increase in customer satisfaction demonstrates that we are on the right path.

We have introduced a Noise App for smart phones that help our residents get evidence that will enable us to take meaningful action, and we are running a mediation pilot scheme to help resolve disputes early. Also we are working on a new noise framework, and a front-line tool that will speed up processes and ensure that outcomes are consistent and evidenced.


Our team has supported Antisocial Behaviour Awareness Week (3–9 July 2023) with a series of events, talking about our approach and supporting residents.