Gary Smith has had a poem turned into art at Bridge Foyer on Tower Street.

Gary worked for us for 13 years up until 2018, before turning to writing poetry.

'Snapped' is taken from his book, ‘Could Try Harder – The Thoughts of Gary Smith’ which he wrote to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support, and which is also the charity that we support here at YHG. 

Gary says his poems were inspired by young people from Bridge Foyer, so it felt natural when Operations Manager, Sharon Leadbetter, asked him if he'd like to share it on the walls of Bridge.

Gary said,

“I hope that current residents, and those to come, will identify with the words and recognise that life is a journey and that they can thrive in the future whatever their current circumstances.”

Sharon added,

“thank you to Gary and Graham, who illustrated the mural, for offering their words, talents and time to create this wonderful artwork in Bridge Foyer. It is inspirational, and I believe that residents now, and in the future, will benefit from it.”

All four yhg foyers are accredited by The Foyer Federation as being Operationally and Strategically Strong.