Our team of elves delivered Christmas presents to over 260 of our young residents living in our supported housing homes across the Northwest.

Our Supported Housing Christmas Gift Appeal is now in its sixth year, and was introduced to ensure that our young residents, whether living alone in one of our four foyers, or as part of a vulnerable family who may be facing really tough times, would always have a gift to open at Christmas. We know how difficult this time of year can be, but we care that all children have a little something to make them smile - which we know their families value too when times are hard. 

#TeamYHG bought gifts out of their own pocket for residents aged from two months to 24 years old, who may not otherwise receive any gifts.

Martin Wright​, our Head of Supported Housing sais, “We really care about all our residents and feel that if we can help just a small group enjoy this festive period a little more, we’re doing something right. Through our Foyers and supported housing schemes we aim to help our residents live and flourish as independently as possible.

“And whilst for many, Christmas is an exciting time filled with love, laughter and gifts, for some, this time of year can be especially difficult.  This appeal makes sure that all young people in our Foyers and supported schemes receive something at Christmas, and I want to extend a huge thank you to #TeamYHG colleagues and board members who have once again been so incredibly generous.”