Today we welcomed residents from Liverpool and Manchester to talk all things safety at our fourth high rise forum. 

Being able to chat face to face with our residents about their safety, and hear back from them too is so important and ensures we can always strive to offer a reliable service.  

We are also proud to offer a fair and open event as thanks to our silent seminar headsets, which allow a colleague to translate the entire event as it happens through the headsets that our non-English speakers wear throughout, without any delays or interruptions. 

This week is also National Social Housing Safety & Compliance Week (NSHSCW) and the theme is Together for Safety, which as this event and so much of our work on safety demonstrates, we regularly work together to prioritise Your Safety. We heard from our building safety team, engagement team, compliance, and asset teams today.

But all year, keeing you safe will always be our top priority. Read more here.