A few months ago we welcomed Martin Hilditch, the editor of Inside Housing (IH) magazine to talk to our CEO Jacque Allen about the future of housing and what we are doing here at Your Housing Group (YHG) to support the importance of the profession. 

"You will be hard pressed to replicate Ms Allen's enthusiasm for the job...", writes Martin Hilditch.

And this is very true as Jacque not only sees social housing as a real profession for people looking for a career, but she is also passionate about what housing means to people. It means safety and comfort and a place where you can be yourself and live in a community where you can thrive. 

"You need to be seeing, and talking, and listening to your customers - you can't just assume..." Jacque explains. 

Martin also spoke to our LEAD Programme alumni when he visited us. LEAD is all about inspiring and guiding the future generations of housing leaders, who care about what social housing means to the country and want to bring about the right changes, and it also started the conversation around IH's own campaign, #HousingHires.

#HousingHires' premise is to promote the housing sector as a real place for people to start and develop careers, highlighting not only the professionalism of the sector but also the diverse range of opportunities that means it can be lifelong career.

You can read the full article below. 

Inside Housing Jacque Allen #Housinghires June 2024