Learning at Work Week (LAWW) and Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) took place at the same time this year, 13 – 19 May; both of which are hugely important to us at #TeamYHG.

We had a jam packed week and were so pleased to welcome a number of inspiring speakers…

Alex Manners delivered an incredibly insightful presentation that gave us all a better understanding of Aspergers in the workplace and life for people on the Autism spectrum.

Andy Grant has been through more than most people do in their lifetime, and he joined us to show that although life will put us in all kinds of situations, they don’t determine who we are as a person – how we react to the situations is what determines who we are.

We also welcomed Chris from Andy’s Man Club who gave a really powerful presentation around the power of talking and the ways AMC support men who just need a bit of help.

Finally, “Laughing John” hosted a Laughter Therapy session that promotes laughter yoga, health, and team building to help boost health, communication, positive thinking, and creativity.

Michelle Cooke, Head of HR and Learning & Development, said, “Learning and continuous development is so important to us at #TeamYHG, and we are always looking for ways to deliver engaging and inclusive sessions for all our colleagues.

“Learning at Work Week was a huge success, but we don’t stop there. Development is a continuous journey and it’s one we support year-round.”