We are part of the Springboard Partnership, which provides temporary accommodation and support for people in Wigan, who are close to becoming homeless.

We offer total of 230 fully furnished properties to suit different needs for ages 16 and above.   

The partnership combines three housing providers together, Your Housing Group, Riverside and Jigsaw Homes along with Wigan Council. Together, we share our skills, knowledge, and passion to provide our residents with a safe and secure space to live.

We understand that many of our residents who come to us through Springboard are at a very difficult time in their life, whether that be because they have had to leave home due to domestic abuse or they have outgrown the care system. No matter the reason, we offer a non-judgemental environment and safe place for them to reside.

Our colleagues at our supported accommodations are there to help our residents by supporting with:

  • Accessing benefits
  • Employment and volunteering
  • Access to interpreters
  • Moving on to live independently.

Our current properties involved in the Springboard Partnership are:

  • Tiernan Lodge
  • Brecon Close
  • Pennington Lodge (In partnership with St Helens Homelessness department).

The main outcome of the Springboard Partnership is to ensure our residents receive the right support to help them successfully move on to live independently.   

Tiernan Lodge in Wigan

Take a look inside one of our supported accommodations in Wigan, Tiernan Lodge. We aim to provide a safe space for our people to live and grow independently.