There are many benefits and grants available which you can look into in more details on the Government’s website. 

Household Support Fund

The Household Support Fund has been extended to cover the period from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

This is government funding given to local councils who then distribute this for those who need real help with essential costs. This could be for help if you’re struggling to afford things like:

  • energy and water bills
  • food
  • essential items

Your council may also offer food vouchers to families during the school holidays.

Funding is aimed at anyone who’s vulnerable or cannot pay for essentials. You don't need to be on benefits already but if you are, they won't be affected if you get a payment from a Household Support Fund scheme.

How can I find out more?

All councils run their schemes differently so there may be differences in:

  • eligibility criteria
  • if, or how you need to apply
  • who money is given to

For example, some councils share out money through local charities and community groups and some limit household applications to one per year.

Check with your local council to find out what support is available.

However, we also have a new enhanced calculator (better than the one on you’ll find on where you can:   

  • complete an online benefits check; 
  • look at benefits, such as council tax exemptions and the warm home discount scheme etc; 
  • use the budgeting tool, which allows you to look at your spending and see where you could save money.

Benefits and budgeting calculator

There’s also the option at the end of the process to email our Money Advice Team for further support with benefits applications.

We can offer support with all benefits, including looking at what you might be entitled to if your circumstances have changed.  

If you have a rent arrears payment plan with us and want to amend it, then get in touch so we can discuss it with you.