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Grove village customers

Grove Village Ltd was formed in 2003 under a 30 year contract, to work in partnership with Manchester City Council, Your Housing Ltd, Morgan Sindall Property Services and MJ Gleesons to bring about social and economic change and greater community engagement through the physical regeneration of the area.

It was the first Government backed PFI scheme to reach contractual close and involved the demolition of over 400 inadequate houses, the refurbishment of 663 properties to modern standards, the development of over 640 privately-owned dwellings and the construction of a new commercial centre.  Ongoing tenancy and housing management services are provided by Your Housing Ltd and Morgan Sindall Property Services is responsible for ongoing maintenance.

Today, after 15 years in operation, the legacy of the original vision continues.  Grove Village remains an attractive, well managed, mixed tenure urban village, with strong community engagement and all within close proximity of Manchester city centre.