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Home improvements

From installing a new boiler to adding an extension, if you want to carry out work or improvement to your home, you can contact our Commercial Transaction Team on 01925 592 610.

We can provide useful advice and explain what information we would need to receive from you.

Based on the terms of your lease, you must ask us for formal approval before these improvements can be completed. We will require:

  • Confirmation that the contractor that you intend to use is qualified to carry out this work i.e. Gas Safe or NICEIC (electrical works) registered

  • Copies of plans / drawings for intended works (for structural changes and extensions), together with the appropriate planning permission or building regulation approval.

Funding – If you are intending to re-mortgage or apply for a secured loan to fund your home improvements, formal approval will be required before the loans can be completed. 

Insurance - If your home improvements are of fixed nature and likely to be covered by buildings insurance, you must make sure that the quality and nature of the changes will not breach or contravene the cover that you have with us. 

Please note: Should you need to make a claim in the future and it is found that this is a result of works carried out during improvements it may affect any settlement that you receive. You may therefore wish to contact our insurer direct to make sure that the works that you are carrying out will be covered.

After Your Work is completed

Retain Your Documents – It is important to keep any paperwork (including approvals, guarantees or certificates) relating to the home improvements as you would need to provide these if you sell your home in the future.

Please note: If you do not keep these documents and solicitors need to seek retrospective approval to any home improvements then a further charge will be made for confirming this.

Maintenance - We will not maintain or repair these items. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that you are happy with the contractor before you start the work.

Future Impact – If you have made changes to your home (for example turning three bedrooms to two) you need to be aware that we, or a future buyer may ask you to return the property to it’s original layout before you sell your home. This is because your work may have reduced the value of the property.