Staircasing application form

Please list works of improvements you have carried out on the property during your period of ownership. Please note, it is the value these improvements add to your property as determined by the RICS Surveyor during their inspection.
The information given on this form is a true statement. I/we understand that Your Housing Group (YHG) has the right to take legal action to repossess any property that has been obtained by deliberately providing false information. I/we understand that any information given may be disclosed to the relevant agencies YHG may need to contact to verify my/our application. Information obtained may be shown to a landlord and/or their lender (where applicable). The personal data you have provided will be stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). For full details, of how YHG collect, process, protect and share your personal data please see YHG's Privacy Notice which can be found at As far as I know, the answers I have written on this application form are true. I understand that I may lose my tenancy with YHG if I give false information in connection with this application.