If you rent a home with us but would like to move somewhere else, you could qualify for a mutual home exchange.  

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Your Housing Group is a member of HomeSwapper, the largest mutual exchange service for social housing tenants who want to swap their homes.

It could be that you want to swap because you need more space, or you want to move to a different area, but whatever your reason, HomeSwapper can help you by looking for potential swaps, and the service is free. 

You can get instant access to HomeSwapper by downloading the app (available for both Apple and Android phones). Just search HomeSwapper in the app store on your phone. 


Who can I swap with? 

The scheme is open to eligible residents who have either a secure or assured tenancy.

You can swap with:  

  • another resident who lives in a Your Housing Group home;  
  • a resident with another social landlord, such as a housing association or local council;
  • someone who lives locally or in another part of the country; 
  • one resident only (known as a direct exchange) or with two other residents in a three-way exchange if you're able to find people to take part. 

 To find out more, please contact us or call 0345 345 0272. 

Right to Buy

The Government is proposing to extend Right to Buy so that housing association tenants can apply to buy their homes.  

The Right to Buy scheme currently helps eligible council house tenants in England buy their homes with a discount of up to £96,010 (£127,940 in London). 

The new scheme for housing association tenants is still being developed, so we don’t have any detailed information yet. We’ll continue to update you as we learn more. 

How to find out more 

You can register for information updates on the Government’s website. Here, you’ll also find some useful FAQs and a Right to Buy calculator to help you work out the level of discount you could be eligible for. 

If you've read the information and feel that you qualify, get in touch and we’ll discuss it with you.  


Right to Acquire 

The Right to Acquire scheme started in April 1997 so it’s only available for homes built or funded after this time. It allows eligible tenants to buy their home with a discount of between £9,000 and £16,000 dependent on where you live. You may also be eligible for Right to Acquire if your home was part of a stock transfer from the local council. 

To be eligible for Right to Acquire:  

  • you must have an assured tenancy; 
  • your home was built or funded with a social housing grant after 31 March 1997; 
  • your home was transferred to us from a local council after 31 March 1997; 
  • you must have been a social housing tenant for at least three years; 
  • your home is not due to be demolished (check with us if you're unsure); 
  • you don't have any legal problems with debt – for example, you don’t have an undischarged bankruptcy, a bankruptcy petition pending against you or a debt relief order; 
  • you don't have any outstanding possession orders. 

How to find out more 

To find out more about the Right to Acquire then visit the Government’s website. 

If you've read the information and think that you qualify, get in touch with us.