Ending your tenancy   

We're sorry to see you go. If you want to end your tenancy, you’ll need to give us notice in writing. Your Tenancy Agreement will tell you exactly how much notice you need to give (this is usually 4 weeks). The amount of notice you need to provide depends on the type of tenancy you have.   

  • Monthly tenancy = one month (starting from the next closest Monday)  
  • Weekly tenancy = four weeks (starting from the next closest Sunday)   

The easiest way to end your tenancy is to is to complete the form at the bottom of this page.

What happens after I send my notice?

A member of the Lettings Team will contact you within 48 hours to talk to you about the next steps.

So that you’re prepared, during the call we’ll:   

  1. Need to confirm your identity  
  2. Advise you what ending your tenancy means for you and your expected tenancy end date 
  3. Let you know what you’ll need to do before you leave   
  4. Ask you some questions about the property features and details of any adaptations or improvements you may have completed in the home whilst living there
  5. Answer any questions.   

We’ll then email or write to confirm the date your tenancy will end.  

You must:   

  • Pay all the rent due up to, and including, the last day of the tenancy which will be a Sunday. 
  • Repair or pay for any damage that has been caused by anyone living in the property. You do not have to pay for normal wear and tear.   
  • Make sure before moving out and in accordance with the tenancy agreement ‘to leave the home in a clear and clean condition’, any rubbish and personal items are removed from the home (this includes the garden) as this may result in any clearance costs being recharged and added to your final account.   
  • Leave the door keys to the property in the key safe provided before 12 noon on Monday, the day immediately after the tenancy ends. If you don’t hand in your keys, you will be charged rent for another week.   
  • We'll provide you with the key location and code when we contact you. Remaining keys such as window lock keys and any communal gate/door keys or fobs can be left in a kitchen drawer.   
  • Ensure that any pre-paid gas or electric meters are left debt free and the key/token for the meters are left in the home.   


What do I need to do before I move?

Before you move out, please remember to:  

  • Tell your water, gas, electricity and phone companies you’re moving and pay any outstanding amount owed on your account

  • Turn off the water at the stopcock

  • Switch off the electricity at the fuse box and the gas off at the meter

  • Contact the relevant local authority departments and let them know your new address  

  • Clean and clear your home and garden of all items and rubbish

  • Take all your personal belongings with you   

  • Contact our Income Team to discuss your closing balance and arrange payment  

  • Allow us access – During your notice period we will require access to inspect your home. We'll arrange this with you before your tenancy ends.   


Leave your property clean and tidy

This includes:   

  • Emptying every room including the loft space  
  • Clearing the garden and any sheds   
  • Removing all carpets and furnishings   
  • Removing any built-in furniture, you may have installed (e.g. wardrobes and shelves)   
  • Removing any white goods and kitchen appliances that belong to you   
  • Pay for any rechargeable repairs – you will be held responsible for any repairs or costs associated with clearing the property.
Inform people about your change of address

This includes:   

  • Utilities such as electricity, gas, water, and phone lines  
  • Council tax   
  • Housing benefits   
  • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Inland Revenue   
  • Bank / building society / credit card company   
  • DVLA   
  • Your employer, dentist, doctor and relevant schools   
  • The Post Office to get your post re-directed. 
Changing your mind

Assured or secure tenancy, assured shorthold tenancy or licence   

Once you send us this form or have told us in writing that you want to end your tenancy, you cannot change your mind. The tenancy will come to an end once the notice period has expired.   

If you ask to retract your notice, this may be considered if there are exceptional circumstances. If the request to retract your notice and stay is approved, you will need to complete a full application process, sign a new tenancy agreement, and pay your rent in advance. 

Once we receive your notice and confirm the tenancy end date, the process of changing the utility supply at the property will start and the utility provider will switch once the tenancy comes to an end.   

Telling people you've moved

For a charge you can ask Royal Mail to re-direct post from your old to your new address. To do this, get a form at your local post office or visit their website.  

When you move, don’t forget to tell: 

  • Your council – so they can send you your council tax bill and sort out any housing benefit  
  • Your local Job Centre – if you’re claiming income support or other benefits   
  • The child benefit service – phone 0300 200 3100 or visit gov.uk
  • The pensions service – phone 0345 606 0265 and any other   
  • Pension providers you may have   
  • Your employer   
  • Your doctor and dentist   
  • TV Licensing – phone 0300 790 6131 or visit www.tvlicensing.co.uk   
  • The DVLA – phone 0300 790 6801 or visit the DVLA website
  • Your bank, building society and credit card companies   
  • Your child's/childrens' school.   
  • Water supply

Your water supply will be connected when you move in. Contact the water company to tell them:   

  • Your name and address  
  • The date you moved in.   

We’ll tell you if your service charge includes water. Otherwise, the water company will set up your account. If you want to have a water meter fitted to save money on your bills, just contact your water provider directly.   

Please ensure you read all the information on this page before completing the tenancy end form.

Please complete this form if you want to end your tenancy (notice to terminate your assured, assured shorthold or secure tenancy).

Once we receive written confirmation of your intention to end your tenancy with us, we will be in contact within 48 hours to advise you of the next steps and confirm the date your tenancy will formally end.

Your details

1. I understand that my tenancy agreement requires me to give 28 days' notice starting on a Monday or one calendar month notice (monthly tenancies only). 2. I accept my tenancy will end on the date agreed with Your Housing Group, as per my tenancy agreement and this will be confirmed both verbally and in writing. 3. I understand that if I have a Joint Tenancy both tenants need to submit their own individual online notice form. 4. I understand that any rent due will need to be paid before I/we leave, that includes up to the last day of my/our tenancy, which will be a Sunday. 5. I understand that I am required to leave the keys to the property in the key safe before 12 noon on Monday (we will provide you with the code when we contact you). This must be done no later than 12 noon on the Monday immediately after the tenancy ends (the next day). Remaining keys can be left in a kitchen drawer. 6. I/we understand that if the keys are not returned to us by this time I/we will be charged a further week's rent that will be added to my/our final account. 7. I/we understand that if there is any damage to the property that has been caused by anyone living in the property, I/we need to discuss this with a Your Housing Group representative before leaving, otherwise I/we could be recharged for any repair costs. 8. I/we understand that before moving out and in accordance with the tenancy agreement 'to leave the home in a clear and clean condition', I/we need to remove any rubbish and personal items 9. I/we will ensure that any pre-paid gas or electric meters are left debt-free and the key/token for the meter left in the home. 10. If the keys are returned early, I give Your Housing Group permission to enter the property and start maintenance work. I understand that I'll continue to be charged rent until the end of the notice period.