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Energy saving

If you find yourself struggling to keep on top of your energy bills, we can provide you with helpful tips and practical ways to save energy in your home.

First Speak To Your Energy Supplier

If you contact your energy supplier and let them know that you’re thinking of switching suppliers - they may place you on a cheaper tariff or one that won’t change for a while. If you’re getting into debt you should also call your supplier immediately as they can provide guidance on whether you qualify for any support payments or schemes.

Switch Energy Supplier

Switching your energy supplier is fairly simple, quick to do and can help you make savings on your energy bills.

Our Partnership With Citrus Energy

Citrus Energy are a not-for-profit organisation that offer an energy switching service, helping you find the best deal on your gas and electricity. 

The Citrus Energy service is free, impartial and available to anyone. Simply call 0800 221 8089 and speak to one of their Energy Advisors who will guide you through the whole process (please have your latest energy bill to hand).

  • Citrus will call you 4-6 weeks after the switch to ensure it has been processed correctly.
  • They will also review your tariff every 6 months to ensure you are still on the best deal.
  • Additionally, if you are on a fixed plan, Citrus will call you 28 days before the plan expires to discuss the various options available.