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If you fall into arrears

We understand that you might experience financial difficulties which mean that you are unable to pay your rent. It is very important that you pay your rent on time as failure to pay may result in you losing your home.

If you are struggling to pay your rent or fall into arrears, please contact us immediately on 0345 345 0272 to talk about a repayment arrangement. If your arrears continue to increase we will serve you with a ‘Notice of Seeking Possession’ (NOSP). A NOSP is the first stage of legal action in arrears recovery and it details our intention to take the matter to court if it is not resolved within four weeks.

The NOSP gives you four weeks to either:
  • Clear the account in full – you are responsible for making sure that your rent is paid even if you receive benefits.
  • Make an arrangement with us to cover your rent and clear your arrears – this arrangement must be maintained.
  • Court Application Process – we will make every effort to contact you to resolve your outstanding debt, however if you continue to be in arrears (and you are not engaging with us to make a repayment arrangement) we will make a court application for the possession of your home.

Please note: If we have to apply to court then costs will be incurred and added to your outstanding debt. Please contact us to prevent such action.

Court Application Process

If we have to apply to court we can request several different orders, depending on your circumstances:

  • Adjournment – this is usually an agreement for you to pay whilst giving you more time to resolve your financial difficulties. A further hearing may be held.
  • Suspended Possession Order – this is a Court Order which requires you to pay your rent plus a weekly amount to reduce the arrears. If you do not keep to the Court Order payments we will apply for an eviction. We will also request a ‘Money Judgment’ for the outstanding arrears, which could affect your credit rating in the future.
  • Immediate Possession Order - if you fail to engage with us we will ask for an order for immediate possession, this means you will have to vacate your property within the timescale agreed by the Judge. This could be with immediate effect, or within 7 to 14 days. We will also request a ‘Money Judgment’ for the outstanding arrears, which could affect your credit rating in the future.
  • Warrant of Possession of Land – if you breach the terms of your Court Order we will apply for a ‘Warrant of Possession of Land’. This means that a bailiff will set a date for you to be evicted from your home. This process will incur further costs.

Please note: We will actively pursue any outstanding debts left to our organisation at the end of a tenancy and reserve the right to pass such debts to a collections agency.