supported over the last year, all of whom stayed in their home and now better manage their home and tenancy.



for essential needs grants for residents who needed in most

Tenancy Support Team

The Tenancy Support Team offers additional support and assistance when residents need it most. This free & confidential service is available to you, whether you are a new or existing resident, and is simply here to offer you extra support to maintain and manage your tenancy. Of those helped in the last year, some were supported to set up a tenancy, many helped to access all the benefits available to them, and others were helped to access specialist services such as mental health, drugs and alcohol, and family support services. The team also supports those with previous antisocial behaviour records to change their behaviour and learn how to manage their home and tenancy.

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Domestic abuse

Over the past 12 months, we have:

Vulnerable Tenants Support Service (VTSS)

Our VTSS works with people affected by domestic abuse and homelessness and over the last year has: 

Antisocial behaviour

As members of Resolve, whose mission is to help organisations like us to effectively deal with community safety and ASB issues, we regularly undergo training, update guidance and take time to listen to what you tell us needs to change. 

What have we done this last year?

asb is up 30%

Reporting asb is also now much easier, which you can read all about and do, here.



Building Safety 

Compliance - the things we have to do!

Every year, there is work we have to do by law, that will help to keep both you and your home safe. In the last 12 months we have:

safety infographic


Building & fire safety

  • Our commitment to ensuring we keep you safe in your home at all times means that we have grown the team againbuilding safety
  • The main new legislation that came into effect in the last 12 months is the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 which we have, and will continue to act upon.
  • Introduced an app for colleagues to use which enables us to quickly and efficiently inspect fire doors, as well as record everything and demonstrate how we comply with requirements.
  • If you live in a high-rise, you can now report building concerns directly through Your Home Hub
  • Our High-Rise Forums, which we launched in February 2022, continue for those who live in a high-rise home too.