Priority 1: Keep everyone safe

Our number one business priority is to keep everyone safe. This means providing safe homes for our residents and ensuring our colleagues are safe doing their job. 

We’re doing this by: 
  • Meeting the requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022.
  • Managing employee health and safety across our 1,000 strong workforce, which overall year-on-year sees a reduction in workplace accidents.
  • Completing 560 health and safety inspections on our various sites and across our many different work activities. 
  • Launching a new Customer Safety Concern reporting facility.
Safegaurding People
Priority 2: Be a great landlord

We’re first and foremost a social landlord. We’ll build stronger, long-term relationships with our residents based on knowledge and respect – seeking to provide a service that reflects their needs. We’ll also provide a range of options of flexible and long-term tenancies to better reflect modern lifestyles. 

We’re doing this by: 
  • Exceeding our target for customer property upgrades, completing more than 2,800 last year. 
  • Being ahead of other housing providers in the sector for reinvestment performance. 
  • Receiving a SHIFT Silver accreditation for our overall environmental performance.  
  • Securing a further £1m of Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund funding for energy efficiency works.  
  • Improving our overall customer satisfaction from previous years, to 72%.
Terrace Social Housing Property
Priority 3: Maintain business viability and balance sheet strength

Our business strategy needs a solid financial platform and we remain strong in our plans to balance funding and investment.

We’re doing this by: 
  • Exceeding our original end-of-year target for our tenancy turnover key performance indicators (KPIs), which has benefited from the work of our newly formed tenancy support team who support customers to sustain their tenancies.   
  • Performing in line with our end-of-year target for income collection and rent arrears targets.   
  • Maintaining a positive liquidity position throughout the year with KPIs, such as EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes and Depreciation) exceeding our target.
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Priority 4: Deliver new affordable homes

We're committed to helping to solve the national housing crisis and meet the demand for new homes, but understand the need to balance our growth against the obligations to our existing customers.  

We’re doing this by: 
  • Successfully delivering our Strategic Partnership with Homes England this year. 
  • Exceeding our target on proceeds from our new housing development sales.   
  • Delivering 377 new homes and starting on site with another 219.
Waterside Point New Build Property
Solar Panelled Roof

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report 2023

Our aim is to be a responsible landlord and employer, providing safe, affordable, and warm homes to our customers. This report aims to showcase the work we are doing and demonstrates our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).