Water safety 

We carry out a survey every two years to help identify properties 'at risk' of Legionella. If your home is at risk, we’ll send contractors to visit you every three months to check your hot and cold water system.   

To protect your home from Legionella, follow these simple steps:   

  • Run your taps weekly  
  • Keep hot water temperatures set to over 50°C  
  • Report any failures with hot water systems, or when cold water comes out warm for more than a minute  
  • Keep shower heads clean and free from limescale  
  • Report any redundant pipework (e.g., supplies to washing machines not used)  
  • Run taps for five minutes before use if your home has been unoccupied for more than two weeks.  

If you’re concerned about Legionella, please contact us or visit the HSE website for more information.


Asbestos safety 

Asbestos materials can be found in homes built before 2000. UK legislation requires landlords to identify asbestos containing materials (ACMs) only within ‘common areas’ of their properties and make a plan to manage the asbestos. There’s no legal requirement to identify ACMs within domestic properties.   

Our policy on asbestos is in line with the government and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommendations. This states that asbestos should be left in place unless it’s in an unsatisfactory condition or is likely to be subject to frequent disturbances, or if it can be removed as part of a repair, improvement or alteration.  
To comply with current legislation, we’ve carried out asbestos surveys of communal areas in our properties. We’ve also decided to go further and carry out an asbestos survey programme to identify ACMs in our residents’ homes.  
We have a useful Asbestos Safety Guide which includes information on where asbestos can be found, asbestos DOs and DON'Ts and useful contact details.