New Shed USE

Apply now for funding!

Just like Moorlands Voluntary and Community Transport, who are a registered charity, and successfully bid for funds for a new shed to store items safely. They help residents within Staffordshire Moorlands who are struggling to get out and about; whether that's to meet friends, or get to a medical appointment. Amazing!

Community groups can apply for up to £2,000 from a pot of money that we have made available to support and help you make a real difference to your neighbourhoods. Every year, groups who fulfill the criteria can apply for money to go towards something that will help to improve the area in which they live.


To apply for the funding, your group must be constituted with access to a bank account.

Examples of what the funding can pay for include:
• Equipment hire or purchase
• Information technology equipment (computers etc.)
• Publicity materials for use in your project (flyers, posters etc.)
• Sectional workers (those who work only as and when required)
• Training
• Venue hire
• Volunteer expenses

Examples of what we can’t pay for include:
• Activities that occur/start before we confirm funding has been granted
• Day-to-day running costs (for example, utility bills, council tax, rent and insurance)
• Ongoing staff costs (including salaries of permanent or fixed term staff)
• Political or religious activities
• Projects that cannot be completed in the financial year (can be discussed)
• Routine repairs and maintenance
• Sports team memberships
• Community day trips

What happens when I apply?

When you apply, we need a thorough overview of what you want the funding for and how it will benefit the community.

  • We will confirm receipt of your application within one working day
  • We will aim to review applications within 28 days
  • We will update you within one working day of a final decision being made on your application
  • Your Housing Group’s (YHG) Customer Connect Panel (CCP) will assess applications based on four key themes:

- Evidence of need

- Value for money

- Outcomes for the community

- Sustainability of the project

  • The panel’s decision is final and there is no appeal process
  • Successful applicants will need to read and sign the Terms and Conditions and provide bank details
  • We will aim to transfer the funding as soon as possible and within 28 days of a successful application.
Where do I send my application?

Please send your completed application form to:

[email protected]


FAO Chris Quigg,

Youggle House,

130 Birchwood Boulevard,



Cheshire WA3 7QH

I've been successful, now what?

Successful applicants must:

  • Provide us with a copy of ALL receipts
  • Complete our evaluation form, which might be used for PR and marketing purposes
  • Apply the YHG logo and acknowledge us as a funder in all literature (guidelines of usage will be supplied upon success).