In a wonderful demonstration of showing how caring they are, which is one of our values, and such an important one at this time of year, one of our Compliance partners, Sure Maintenance, has generously donated 40 "Winter Warmer" packs to our residents.

These thoughtful packages which are full of essential items and comforting treats have been given to our residents who are currently being supported by our Tenancy Support Team.

The packs include items such as nourishing food supplies, cosy socks, a snug blanket, and a hot water bottle – perfect for chillier days.

One of our residents said, “The food and mince pies were a great relief as I wouldn’t have been able to afford them this year. It has made it feel like Christmastime.”

Kate Meredith, our former Head of Compliance (now Head of Asset Investment), expressed her thanks, saying, "These packs will make an incredible difference to our residents as they not only provide much-needed relief to those facing fuel poverty but also serve as a source of comfort and joy for individuals experiencing financial hardship."

We understand the challenges faced by some of our residents, especially during the winter season and this thoughtful donation shows a community coming together to support one another during challenging times.

Thank you to Sure Maintenance for their generosity, which will undoubtedly help our residents, making this winter a little brighter and warmer.