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Remortgage and refinance

If you are intending to re-mortgage or apply for a secured loan, you can contact our Commercial Transaction Team on 01925 592 610.

We can provide useful advice, information and help completing any necessary paperwork.

Based on the terms of your lease you must ask us for formal approval before these loans can be completed:

  • Details of the Loan - Given that in some cases we have a financial stake in your property (in the case of shared ownership) we will need to make sure that your loan does not exceed the equity that you own. We also need to know the reasons for the loan, and may request some and income and financial information from you in order to make a decision on whether to grant approval.

  • Using a Responsible Lender - We will check that you are using a lender who is listed in the HCA (Homes and Community Agency) approved lenders list. We therefore require details of their identity, correspondence address, mortgage roll or account number and the date that the loan was granted.

Please note: Loans on property have legal charges which are held on a title register at the Land Registry. They are ranked in terms of priority, usually your mortgage lender will have first priority and your landlord will be second.  If you apply for a secured loan and this is granted it will rank below our charge to safeguard our equity.