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Affordable and recycled furniture

Here you will find links to local and national websites that offer support with affordable and recycled furniture. You can also use these networks to donate unwanted items and support other people in need.

There are many ways to access affordable and recycled furniture from visiting local charity shops to online communities such as the Furniture Re-Use Networks. There are also places where you can get access to free furniture from people who want to donate their unwanted items. 

Check the list of links below to see how you can get access to the items that you need.

Furniture Re-Use Network 

A network of re-use charities where you can access and donate unwanted furniture items and white goods.


A local network where you can access and donate unwanted items.


A local message board where you can ask for or offer specific items to your local community.


Online adverts for items for sale within your area. You can also use the site to sell your items.


An online auction site where you can buy and sell unwanted items.


Classified adverts for items available for sale in your area. It can also be used to sell your unwanted items. 

Charity Shops 

A Google map of some of the local charity shops in your area.